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Who: The conference is open for the general public. 

banksy peace love doctorStudents and teachers from partner schools and people from other partners are also attending.

30.- EUR (225.- DKK) for one day of programme incl. food & accommodation (two nights) 

50.- EUR (375.- DKK) for two days of programme incl. food & accommodation (three nights)

Please not that above fees need to be paid, even if you decide not to stay overnight at the campus or you skip meals. 

Please pay cash on registration in the Conference Hall

Accommodation practicalities:
You need to register yourself BEFOREHAND and provide us with some information as described below. We have many double rooms available, but for the late bookings, you might need to sleep in the classroom on a mattress.

Please send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
with following information:

- FULL NAME(s) of the participant(s) as in the passport/ID.

- Specify, whether you need a room. If you are a group, please indicate how you are going to share the double rooms.

- Name of your host or the person that invited you.

- A phone number and an e-mail address of the person booking.
- Arrival date and approximate time. Do you need picking up from Ulfborg?
- Departure date and approximate time. Do you need a lift to the train station in Ulfborg?
- Any other relevant information, for example: reduced mobility or specific diet.
- In case of cancellation, do it as soon as possible, the best before Thursday, the 27th at 23:59.

Please bring your own towels and bedsheets or sleeping bags (or let us know if this is impossible for you.)









Skork√¶rvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk