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Conference Partner: The Necessary Teacher Training College

DNS - The Necessary Teacher Training College is the main host and organiser of the Peace Conference.
The DNS 2015 Team wil be in charge of the preparation camp for the Peace Conference.
Several DNS teams will also host some of the workshops at the conference.

DNS - The Necessary Teacher Training College
is a 3-year international bachelor program that offers a teacher’s education for Europeans. The programme combines theoretical knowledge with experiences and emphasizes a learning by doing approach. DNS' aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time across social divisions wherever it is needed – and that is everywhere.
This is their website: www.dns-tvind.dk




Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk