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About Key Note speaker Jan ØbergJan Øberg, Key Note Speaker at Peace Conference Tvind in 2015
Peace studies professor. PhD in sociology, peace and future researcher.
Associate professor (Docent) at Lund University, thereafter visiting or guest professor at various universities.
Former director of the Lund University Peace Research Institute (LUPRI); former secretary-general of the Danish Peace Foundation; former member of the Danish government’s Committee on security and disarmament.
Visiting professor at ICU (1990-91) and Chuo Universities (1995) in Japan and visiting professor for three months at Nagoya University in 2004 and 2007 and four months in 2009 – at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.
Oberg has taught peace courses for more than 10 years at the European Peace University (EPU) in Schlaining, Austria and teaches MA courses twice a year at the World Peace Academy (WPA) in Basel, Switzerland.

With his wife, Dr. Christina Spännar, Jan Øberg is the co-founder of TFF - Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. Chairman of the board 1997-2003 and interim chairman 2007-2008, director of the TFF and head of its Conflict-Mitigation teams to ex-Yugoslavia, Georgia, Burundi and Iraq.

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Skorkærvej 8 * 6990 Ulfborg * Denmark *



Skorkærvej 8 * 6990 Ulfborg * Denmark *