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Madum Baek ShelterNeed a place to sleep?
It is possible to book simple accommodation in Tvind.

The rooms are with shared bathrooms. We have quite a lot of beds, and when we run out of beds we have floors with mattresses. :)

It is also to sleep in the Madum Bæk shelter which you can see on the picture. You need a good sleeping bag, but we provide fire wood and early bird song to wake you up in the morning.

PS. it is also possible to sleep in the shelter by Madum Bæk (the one on the picture)

Accommodation practicalities
You need to register yourself BEFOREHAND and provide us with some information as described below. We have many double rooms available, but for the late bookings, you might need to sleep in the classroom on a mattress.




Skorkærvej 8 · 6990 Ulfborg · Denmark · peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk