Introducing Amir Taaki



“At the end of 2014, I was working with a highly skilled team of top hackers on a world changing project which the EU central bank named as a top key money laundering threat, ISIS released a report recommending it to their members and the US military held a meeting over.

Then I discovered the anarchist revolution of Rojava, which came under attack by ISIS. I dropped everything to go help defend this revolution as my duty. I was in Rojava for nearly 2 years, more than 3 months on the frontline and worked on various projects, became fluent in Kurdish and made lots of friends.

Rojava is the most important revolution of this century, and the first proper anarchist revolution. It is the solution for lasting peace in the middle east, and the way forward for our crisis of civilisation in the west.”


Key Note speech at the Peace Justice Conference


Amir Taaki will speak on Sunday the 13th of May in the Main Conference Hall.


“The Revolutionary Ideology and Methodology of the PKK”


“The 30’s saw two major anarchist revolutions in the Ukraine and Catalonia. Since then, anarchism has failed to advance any major societal project.

If anything, political activists no longer believe in coming together around a common vision of society and devoting themselves to realising it. The radicals have stopped believing in changing the world, and what has taken over is a new form of hyper-individualism where we just seek to make small modifications and changes to ourselves.

Meanwhile, Europe is sliding rapidly towards feudalistic nationalism and Christian revivalism. It’s an urgent situation that socialists self-critique and with a non-dogmatic attitude update their discourse for the problems that modern society is actually experiencing, and begin to form well organised collective revolutionary movements with the power to shape politics and society.”


Amir Taaki

Amir Taaki

Renowned anarchist, hacker and early Bitcoin pioneer

Currently working on building up a Polytechnics Institute, a regimented coding academy with a focus on creating a group of politicised, ideological hackers aiming for “complete overthrow of the state system”.