Peace Justice Conference

Welcome to the 4th
Peace Justice Conference!

When “We” and “the Other” become “Us”…. community flourishes and our humanity is realised…



The programme includes workshops, speeches, presentations, lectures, discussions, music, arts, networking, performances, sports and more. You will be able to choose according to your interest.

The conference’s language is English but we will try to offer a programme accessible for participants with different language skills.

The conference runs over three days, and each day has a headline:


11 May:  Peace Justice

12 May: Meeting the Other

13 May: Year for Peace



It’s easy! Please register here.



Please find examples of workshops below.

Mountain Language

Harold Pinter’s legendary play delivers a short sharp shock, displaying the brutalities of a society, which forbids a minority of its population to speak their own language.

Open your eyes!

In this alternative, interactive workshop we will learn about our personal boxes, gain an understanding of our prejudices and together identify what we can do about it.

Policy of Peace

Resisting further armament and developing an alternative, comprehensive Nordic security policy, specifically co-operating about making the Baltic Sea a Sea of Peace.


The daunting task of making the world a better place requires more than achieving “a product”. It is important to recognise the process and the people involved as well.

Bully Boy

A ferociously gripping play that tackles the challenging moral issues of contemporary military occupation and its effect on the mental health of serving soldiers.

Annihilation of Caste

In this workshop, we will not only increase our understanding of the role of caste in Indian society, but we will also be challenged on some of our – dearest – stereotypes.