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College for International Cooperation & Development

CICD prepares activists to contribute to the effort of making our world a better place to live for everybody. Having completed their  training, the participants volunteer at development projects in Southern Africa or India, working shoulder to shoulder with the Poor.

CICD also offers courses to train Climate Activists, who volunteer at environmental projects in India. Practice / Theory / Practice and “Fighting with the Poor” are two pedagogical doctrines we implement at each stage of our programmes. The idea is to equip the participants with a better understanding of the situation in the world. Emphasis is placed on the connections between the global North and the global South.

Students will then use this knowledge and practical skills to work together with people, wherever it's needed, gaining valuable knowledge and insights from the local community in the process.

It's important to highlight "together with" in the effort to combat a risk of Western-biased solutions to poverty, Climate Change, social unrest and war. The improvement of living conditions of people is the best way to respond to these issues and people who suffer from them should be the subjects, not objects, of this process.

Students and teachers form a small community and take care of the school in unison, which is an important part of the training as well. CICD also boasts an ecological garden which provides the school with a significant amount of fresh vegetables. CICD works closely with many organisations around the world, mainly those connected to education and sustainable development.

Peace, justice, non-violence, partnership and human rights are high on the school’s agenda. There is a great need of teaching peace, not necessarily as an opposite of war, but as a broad concept of its own. It is inseparable from developmental work, as CICD´s long experience in the field has shown that there is no sustainable peace without social justice.

Students and teachers strive to learn how to be more efficient in connecting peace and progress in theory and practice, and how to address young Europeans, so they are motivated and energised to do something positive, to make a change.

Until now, CICD has trained over 1000 volunteers.

See more on the website:http://www.cicd-volunteerinafrica.org


Skorkærvej 8 · 6990 Ulfborg · Denmark · peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk