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The Travelling Folk High School - Zealand

Students form The Travelling Folk High School, Zealand LVteamparticipate in the practical preparations of the conference by participating in the "Peace Conference Camp" in the week leading up to the conference. Participants in the camp make all facilitites and venues ready for the workshops, build the stage and exhibition area in the sports hall - and they cook. 

The Travelling Folk High School, Zealand, acknowledges and acts upon the necessity to Ffght shoulder to shoulder with The Poor. The three programmes offered have each their ‘trademark’ and this gives a buzz to the school atmosphere.

Those from the volunteer and travel programmes are a mainstay at the school and have a base here for their first period programme – this gives them a decisive role in running the school. Those from the Pedagogy programme have their main base at our partner schools around Denmark and come to Lindersvold for periods of study bringing new energy, life and discussions. And lastly those from the Climate Activist programme will build up a climate centre here – this will include garden farming, information work, recycling on a larger scale and saving energy.

At Lindersvold, we share our daily life with youth and adults who have had difficulties in life and who need input, direction and compassion to get on track to lead a good life. We take benefit from this special integration situation to make programmes and actions together – we work, we cook, we learn and we laugh – and it is also a challenge. At the same time all get included and gain new friends, all build confidence and capacities, and all get wiser. This diversity makes for an extremely exciting community life and it is wonderful.

Programmes offered at DRH Lindersvold / The Travelling Folk High School, Zealand: 
24 months Fighting with The Poor + Pedagogy
9 months Climate Activist Team for The Caribbean
18 months Fighting with The Poor




Skorkærvej 8 · 6990 Ulfborg · Denmark · peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk