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Speakers PCJ#3 in 2017

Here is an introduction to the speakers at the Peace Justice Conference in 2017:

About Key Note speaker Jan ØbergJan Øberg, Key Note Speaker at Peace Conference Tvind in 2015
Peace studies professor. PhD in sociology, peace and future researcher.
Associate professor (Docent) at Lund University, thereafter visiting or guest professor at various universities.
Former director of the Lund University Peace Research Institute (LUPRI); former secretary-general of the Danish Peace Foundation; former member of the Danish government’s Committee on security and disarmament.
Visiting professor at ICU (1990-91) and Chuo Universities (1995) in Japan and visiting professor for three months at Nagoya University in 2004 and 2007 and four months in 2009 – at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.
Oberg has taught peace courses for more than 10 years at the European Peace University (EPU) in Schlaining, Austria and teaches MA courses twice a year at the World Peace Academy (WPA) in Basel, Switzerland.

With his wife, Dr. Christina Spännar, Jan Øberg is the co-founder of TFF - Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. Chairman of the board 1997-2003 and interim chairman 2007-2008, director of the TFF and head of its Conflict-Mitigation teams to ex-Yugoslavia, Georgia, Burundi and Iraq.

Source: Jan Øberg CV at http://blog.transnational.org/2011/10/jan-obergs-cv

Other speakers:

Else Grue Sørensen
Educational consultant and coordinator
"The absolute majority of people in this world want peace. Why is the world then at war in so many places? Peace is not created by weapons, so we, the people, must create the peace – together – every day – everywhere. How? With whom?"

Jesper Wiborg Andersen
Parish priest, Staby & Madum
"Think before you speak up. When our communication fails, there is a huge resource in the possibility for forgiveness."

Gert Tjoelker
Teacher at DRH Lindersvold, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Poor.
"In discussions about peace & war there is very often a point where the argument goes like this: We cannot really prevent war, because egoism, greediness, jealousy, hatred, barbarism and despotism are, when it comes down to it, all part of our human nature. And our human nature is a fixed thing.

I have met people who feel very strong about this argument. But if this is the case, we discard our own evolutionary history. It is as if our nature has been a constant that has never changed and will never change. So, my speech will be about a future world that is open. A world that is not already decided and doomed by the so called fixed violent nature of our sons and daughters, but a world ruled by a social and economic system that creates huge social and political conflicts, injustices, wars and unrest. An unjust world that needs changing into a better world."

Svetlana Kosenko
Teacher, graduated from DNS in 2016, currently project teacher at DNS - The Necessary Teacher Training College:
"I will share my motivation and considerations regarding the global peace movement and how each and everyone can contribute to peace building."

Hasse Schneidermann
Chairman of the board of Fredsministerium.dk since 2014 and a member of the board of Aldrig Mere Krig -the Danish section of War Resisters' International. He is a retired teacher.
"How can a Ministry of Peace promote Danish policy of Peace?
Fredsministerium.dk or The Danish Ministry of Peace is a network of a growing number of Danish peace organisations and peace activists. We are the Danish branch of the Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace, GAMIP, and our leading wish is the establishment of a Ministry of Peace for Denmark as an integral part of the national government. We usually gather peace researchers. organisations, activists and artists when we arrange a small “Peace-Folk-Highschool” at the annual Folkemøde on the island of Bornholm in June and at the hearings, concerts and other activities on the UN Peace Day in September.
In 2017 we focus on resistance to further armament and on development of an alternative, comprehensive Danish and Nordic security policy and specific Nordic co-operation to keep the Baltic Sea as a Sea of Peace by demanding a demilitarisation of its islands."
Zsófia Tárkány
Student , DNS 2016, DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College
"To exist is to resist.
There’s a little village in Morocco called Imider - a home of the Amazigh people for thousands of years and, also, a location of the biggest silver mine in Africa for the last 40 years. This present situation creates a clash between past and modernity that sparkled into the longest ongoing protest in Morocco's history. The locals choose to stick together and peacefully protect their lands and not to give up. Because peace and resistance can and must go hand in hand."

Matteo Petruzza
Student , DNS 2016, DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College
"From Guinea-Bissau to Europe: cooperation as a message of peace.
An investigation about food production in Guinea Bissau led to an interesting acquaintance with Giovanni Maucieri - a coordinator of an NGO Lvia, which specifies in connecting local people for a purpose of establishing a stable food supply. This example of an inspiring cooperation, sticking together against the corrupted government reflects as a beautiful message of peace. During the speech, Matteo will introduce more about the current problems, regarding food production in Guinea-Bissau, the NGO’s 3orking model, the importance of unifying cooperation and why similar projects should start sprouting in Europe as well."


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