A framework for teaching for peace

2023, 2nd session Saturday, Workshop

Alexander Benesch

“A framework for teaching for peace”

Duration: 1 hour

VENUE: Big classroom


We live in a world, that seems to have gone haywire. We are closer than ever to the abyss of absolute nuclear and climate destruction. Never before has it been more urgent to teach coming generations about peace and conflict resolution. We can and should empower students to create positive change in their communities and beyond.

With this workshop, we aim to create a framework for a curriculum that addresses this issue. We will also make that framework available for other educators worldwide.If you are an educator or care about peace, this workshop is an excellent opportunity for you. You’ll learn practical skills to use in your teaching.

Join us and discover how you can make a difference in the lives of your students. Let us contribute to a more peaceful world.



Alexander Benesch graduated from DNS (The Necessary Teachers Training College) in 2005 and is an educator with 17 years of experience. Alexander Benesch also has a blog, where he writes about political issues, sustainability and pedagogy. https://abenesch.info

“Image by Annette Jones Pixabay”