Resources from the Peace Justice Conference #3 in 2017:
“Creating Peace: Act | Learn | Share”


The conference took place at the Tvind campus in the last weekend of April 2017.

The Key Note speaker was Jan Øberg.

There were a number of workshops, cultural events and discussions about how to act to create peace.

Please find below resources and descriptions of workshops, speakers and other elements from this conference.


Sri Lanka Post-2009

Let’s talk about the paradise – tourist industry in Sri Lanka. Let’s see if there is anything hidden under the beautiful imaginations of a paradise. Let’s have discussion upon different views.

Pride and Prejudice

Your empathy will be tested. When are Poor are really Poor? Whose is the welfare the migrants are after? Do the people in the Global South know little about the world?

Get organised for peace

Bring your energy and frustrations, and let’s change this world for the better. Talk about how to get the message out, and where to find like-minded people to share the dream with.


Validation: Seeing and appreciating people as they are – keeping focus has been keenly on well-being of people and groups, specifically those who are working on change-making.

Refugees in Athens

Students from DNS share stories and experiences about the life of refugees gained in a governmentally organised refugee camp and in the squats of Athens, Greece.

Facing the Dragon

If powerful enough, the politicians can get away with lies; big lies. Especially, when it comes to war, the first victim is the truth. Discussion about the 9/11 attack.

The Mask

“The Mask” is a symbol of how we present and behave ourselves in a group. Working with masks is a reflective process to better understand ourselves, each other and how we act in groups.

Inner Peace

How can we obtain inner peace when in stress and struggle? What has our inner peace to do with World Peace? When we have inner peace in our daily life we are more satisfied with ourselves.

Fusion Dance

Aloïs works with various styles from contemporary dance, to ballet, from hip-hop to African traditional dance. We will combine all of them in a performance for Friday evening.

Music for peace

“It is my experience that in order to change the attitude of a person, music is a great tool. You move them when you when you hit them in the heart.” says Martin Larsen.

Fun in Action

The best way to get positive attention, is to act positive. If we make fun of the mighty powers, they will shrink down to their real small size – and the world can be changed.

Introducing Jan Øberg

Peace researcher Jan Øberg has been a key note speaker at the Peace Conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017. His vast experience and sharp insights have been highly valued by the audience.