Resources from the Peace Conference #2 in 2016:
“Stop Wars – Not Refugees”

The conference took place at the Tvind campus on 29 April – May 1 2016.

The Key Note speaker was Jan Øberg.

There were a number of workshops, cultural events and discussions about how to act to create peace.

On the Sunday, Mayday, the entire conference moved to Aarhus to parttake in a Peace Demonstration.

Please find below resources and descriptions of workshops, speakers and other elements from this conference.

Peace, War & Conflict

A lecture by peace researcher Jan Øberg in three parts: Part 1: About the American empire and its decline.
Part 2: About Syria. Part 3: The alternatives.

Zionism & Colonialism

A lecture summating the history of Zionism, Palestine and Israel as one of colonisation. Jonathan Ofir is an Israeli musician, conductor and blogger / writer based in Denmark.

The Faces of Trauma

The presentation will focus on the human dimension to Man’s Inhumanity to Man. We will see images of the pain of war, occupation, imprisonment, and their effects on human identity.

Tamil Nation

Since the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009, a silent war continues in which thousands of Tamils, mostly Hindus and Christians, are internally displaced and subject to military occupation.

Teachers for Peace

I workshoppen “Teachers for Peace” skal vi lave programmer for fredsundervisning i skolen. Det er for alle: børn, unge og gamle, i samarbejde med Det Danske Fredsakademi.

Connecting the Dots

Following climate refugees through deserts much drier than they used to be, through seas wider and deeper than they used to be, and over fences higher than they used to be…

Art: Generating ideas

Jolita is a creator who thinks she has a mission to inspire others through her installation art. In this workshop she will talk about creativity and how it can be found in each person.

Gaza Toy Drive

The Gaza Toy Drive was launched to provide the children of the Gaza Strip Palestine with educational toys and other items such as baby clothes, prams, cots, nappies, and bottles.

Hear My Story

Hear my story: Syrian and Eritrean refugees talk about their experiences. Why they had to flee, and about their journey to Denmark. Monique Dobbert is the host of the workshop.

Introducing Jan Øberg

Peace researcher Jan Øberg has been a key note speaker at the Peace Conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017. His vast experience and sharp insights have been highly valued by the audience.