The Peace Justice conference is an annual event that happens in spring at DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College, on the west coast of Denmark. This year we held the 9th Peace Justice conference where we focused our discussions and actions towards solutions for a better future. We looked at possible futures, and imagine a better tomorrow. 

We can imagine a million ways that the world will end in disaster, but for some reason, it is much harder for us to imagine the ways that the world will improve for the better. Our obsession with dystopia is blocking us from being able to work for our own utopias. 

It is time to change this!
How can we build a better future if we cannot imagine one? 

The event: 

The conference, with more than 200 participants, took place over three days and was filled with workshops, keynote speeches, discussions, debates, art installations, opportunities for human connections, good food and music. 


Tvind International School Centre
Skorkærvej 8, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark