We are inviting you to join the Peace Justice Conference 2022 and its preparation camp. The world is in desperate need of peace and events that promote peace. We also know that the world is full of good people and many good initiatives.

This conference aims to fulfil the urgent need of connecting the dots: connect the people with our beautiful world’s diversity, connect the strong willpower of many citizens with the practical actions that, one day, will make history, connect the wisdom and awareness with our daily lives and – all together – strive for a better world: where wars of all kinds, and violence, will no longer have space and place to be.

The conference runs over three days:

The conference starts with a dinner on Friday, the 6th of May at 18:30 and ends on Sunday the 8th at 14:00.


Tvind International School Centre
Skorkærvej 8, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark