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How to get here

tvindskiltBy train:
There's a trainstation in Ulfborg. If you buy a ticket in a ticket office, make sure you get a ticket to ULFborg and not AALborg. They sound alike, but are to different destinations. Buy your ticket online here: www.rejseplanen.dk

We can arrange transport from Ulfborg station to Tvind, it is a 5 minute ride.

By air:
Billund Airport is the closest airport to Tvind. Karup and Aarhus airports are also viable options.

By coach:
A cheaper option than the train is by coach to Holstebro. Check options and buy tickets here: www.rødbillet.dk

By car / hitch-hiking:
Go to Ulfborg which is on the #28 highway between Holstebro and Ringkøbing.
In Ulfborg, there is only one traffic light. At the traffic lights follow signs to "Husby".

You are now going due west, towards the coast. 3 kilometres down this road, turn left where there are these signs:
"Højskolen" and "Seminariet". The name of the road is Skorkærvej.

Follow Skorkærvej until you see the big windmill on your right hand side.
Go past the windmill, and turn right at the signposted road.
You will see the conference hall on your left hand side.


Skorkærvej 8 · 6990 Ulfborg · Denmark · peace@tvind.dk



Skorkærvej 8 | 6990 Ulfborg | Denmark | peace@tvind.dk