An International Banner of Peace

Workshop by Irene

TIME: Friday at 17:30

VENUE: Suncatcher Hall

(20 participants)



The International Banner of Peace – or “Peace Flag” was created as a symbol of the Roerich agreement in 1935, that in short, symbolises the union that we all share as human beings.



In this workshop, Irene will guide us through the process of drawing and painting the International Peace flag. 

In addition, we will create a panel where the word “peace” will be written in different languages.

In the end, you will also learn the power and meaning of colours, how this one’s influence us in our daily life and how you this knowledge can help you to better understand the differences of the world around us.

Irene Garzón

Irene Garzón

Artist and teacher

Irene Garzón is an artist and an art teacher who comes from Spain.

She has been leading and guiding art projects and workshops in Spain, Peru and India.

During the last decade, she has been working on a powerful project called, “The colours of light”, where she demonstrates the power and influence that colours have in our daily life.

A bit of history

The Roerich Pact and the flag of peace is an international treaty with the Baltic states and 22 American nations that establish that any nation is able to protect their cultural and artistic heritage with a symbolic flag.

Signed the 15th of April 1935 in Washington DC, this treaty is today an international law.