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Jens Galschiøt has kindly lent the conference some of his acclaimed sculptures from the installation “Refugee Ship”.


Jens Galschiot was born in 1954, in Frederikssund. He is married and has three children. Certified as a construction blacksmith in 1978,  he is a self-taught silversmith and sculptor. He settled in Odense in 1973 and opened his 2000 m2 large studio in 1985, which contains a bronze foundry, a workshop, a gallery, and a sculpture park.

Internationally, Galschiot could be characterized as one of the most significant Danish artists of late modernity (after 1980). His artistic production covers a wide field of expression; from jewelry and small dainty figures to gigantic, politically charged sculptures. He is among the best-known Danish artists abroad. His reputation extends from Hong Kong and Mexico, through to Germany, Spain, and U.S.A. Apart from clothing sculptures Jens Galschiot creates international happenings to highlight the present imbalance in the world.


See the video about this art project.


In 2015 at 22 years old Aske left his education, house, job and social life in Denmark, to pursue his dream of exploring the world; making art and social projects where they’re naturally needed. He managed to travel around Europe living with people he met on the way.

A few months into his travels he found himself in Calais, France, where the sight of the neighbouring Refuge camp would change his life forever. At the moment Aske is back in Denmark working as an intern at sculpture and activist Jens Galschiøt, while traveling around Denmark with his talks and art exhibitions.

Aske’s website here.





Les Enfants De Nobel

I have been working on this projects since i in feb. 2017 returned to calais. In the fields near the beach, was just a sand dune of what before had been one of the largest refugee camps in Europe - The Jungle. The only sign of the camp was the barbered fences and the used gas canisters. So i thought why not use some of them. I lived in the Jungle together with the refugees close to one year working with kids and families in the camp. And we had this saying: "i love the smell of teargas in the morning".I especielly remember one time where me and Ben took the kids to play football on a nearby football field we played on 3 times a week. but this day would be different because we got stormed by the police and teargas was shot into the field. The mayer had decided no refugee could leave the camp. It was by no chance the most violent episode. But looking at these kids faces when they met this confrontation was really sadening. this had been the place where they could just be normal kids for some hours.. anyway... i made this because i myself started to forget many of these instances. And if i did, a peson who had been living in it, many would have. so i made this to not forget. bringing aweraness to some present european History..

Gepostet von Aske am Freitag, 16. März 2018