Biodanza SRT

Workshop by Flavia Verzini

“Biodanza SRT”


Friday afternoon · 17 May 2024 · 1 hour

Saturday afternoon · 18 May 2024 · 2 hours




Biodanza SRT is body education, an experiential system that leads people on a journey towards health. It combines fast movement with music to activate vital energy, and then slow movement to dissolve tensions, rigidity, and stress. In the encounter with others, our emotions dance to express who we are freely, rediscovering, in the self and in the other, the pleasure of living.

The goal is to rediscover the natural balance of the body to feel good in one’s own skin, open the creative channel, and discover our dormant potential. Biodanza leads you to feel and enter the here and now. To make diversity a richness, to feel and be increasingly free, and to have fun together. It is a path of self-knowledge and personal growth through spontaneous movement, a light method that helps us change our lives while having fun. Biodanza is suitable for men and women of all ages who want to embark on a journey. There are no steps to follow, no movement skills required, just the courage to get involved…






Flavia Verzini

Flavia Verzini

SRT Biodanza facilitator

Graduated in transverse flute and musicology, Permanent music teacher, SRT Biodanza facilitator.