Building bridges, not walls

2018, Sunday, Workshop

Roser Westwick and Jorge Perez

“Building bridges, not walls”

Saturday, the 12th of May, 180 minutes

(min 4, max 30 participants)


Meeting the Other means looking deeply in their eyes. Connecting is the first tool we have for solving conflicts. When we understand and empathize with their circumstances we are able to break down the walls that separate us and create a space to build bridges. This workshop is about connecting through the eyes, working together and solving problems by stepping back and give the situation another perspective.



Roser and Jorge are both students at CICD, the College for International Co-operation and Development in England.
Roser is an occupational therapist from Cataluña (Spain), that decided to give a different perspective to her career and to do so decided to join CICD, to leave the experience of life in community, to learn about the issues of our time and to fight as a Poverty Activist. Right now she is training to become a Development Instructor in CICD and in a few months she will go to Zambia to work for six months in a project to bring water to local communities that have difficult access to it.

Jorge, a musical theatre actor from Madrid (Spain) decided to live a different kind of life more connected to nature, and with a bigger respect for the planet and its current situation. He started to travel around Europe, volunteering in different projects that regard sustainability, alternative agriculture and fight against Climate Change.  Now he is participating in a Climate Activist programme in CICD and will go to India to help in different projects that try to mitigate effects of Climate Change in communities with little economical resources, by the use of permaculture, recycling techniques, and education on climate awareness.