Building peaceful tomorrows

Presentation by Yvonne Hoffman

“Building Peacful Tomorrows”

“Moral imagination for building peaceful tomorrows.”

Saturday 19 May 2024 · Afternoon · 2 hours




“Non, si male nunc, olim sic erit”
~ Horatius

“Though things are bad now, they will not always be so in the future”

Every day we make decisions, for ourselves and our environment, personally or based on our social roles and work. We look ahead, from a day to a lifetime. But almost never beyond the next generation.

Even if the future doesn’t exist yet, people will live there too. The choices we make now will affect their lives. Just as the decisions of our ancestors have also had a great influence on our current lives. The more we are aware of our ancestry, the more we have the possibility to take the interests of future generations into account in the choices we make.

In this two-hour workshop we are going to feed and stretch our imagination:

  • What if we did everything we possibly could do to create the most beautiful future for the next generations?
  • What if we did everything we possibly could do to create a peaceful world?
  • What would the future look like in 2124?

You are going to meet 29 people from seven generations in your imagination.You will stand in the middle. Behind you, you have 14 ancestors. In front of you, there are 14 children. On average a lifeline of 100 to 200 years. The actual lifeline is of a much, almost unimaginably, longer period.

On the one hand, you are only a small link in a very large whole.
On the other hand, you are THE link between your ancestors and the future generations.

What is of value to you?
What do you want to pass on?
What do you want to mean?

Be aware: You are not alone! Your choices matter



Yvonne Hoffmann