Bullshit Detection 101

2018, Saturday, Workshop

Workshop by Alexander Benesch, Teacher at the School Center Lindersvold

“Bullshit detection 101 – How mass media is deceiving us”


DATE, VENUE, 90 minutes

(min 4, max 20 participants)



Fake News has in recent times been a universal term, penetrating public debate. However, the fact is that it is not a new phenomenon in the media.

Mass media have always had the potential for mass manipulation and proliferating political agendas. Remember the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” narrative that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

To create these narratives, several techniques are being used to sell the story and steer the public debate into the desired direction.



The workshop will examine concrete examples unravel many of the most common techniques and methods used by the media and give concrete advice on how to see through the media jungle in the search for objective knowledge.



“Teaching youngsters to search for knowledge and insight is what I do every day. I am also a political activist by nature and thus have a natural thirst for knowledge and insight and I do not shy away from looking behind the curtain.”

An excellent analysis of propaganda at work: