Cameroon Crisis

Presentation by Walters Chiafie

TIME: Saturday at 11:30

VENUE: Common Hall, DNS

(20 participants)



Germany controlled Kamerun from 1884 – 1916. After Germany lost the First World War, Britain and France took over and partitioned the country into 2 (British Cameroon and French). They remained like that until 1961. In 1961 French Cameroon got independence. UN voted for the independence of British Cameroon but it was denied. British Cameroon was forced to join French Cameroon.

French Cameroon has long disrespected the agreement made in 1961. Tension has been boiling and in 2017 it became an armed conflict.

The humanitarian toll is unbearable, but the rest of the world has been silent. 



Walters will talk about the catastrophic under-reported and under-documented humanitarian situation in Cameroon since 2016 and the struggle for peace and freedom.

Zechia Walters Chiafie

Zechia Walters Chiafie

Teacher & Peace Activist

Bachelors degree in Geography From the University of Yaounde I in Cameroon
Masters of Philosophy in Higher Education from Oslo University, Norway
Graduate School Diploma in Globalisation and Japanese Higher Education, J. F Oberlin University, Tokyo Japan
Masters of Philosophy in Development Geography from Bergen University, Norway

“I am a peace activist with the well-being of man at the centre of my actions. I always try to give voice and hope for the oppressed. I am also a member and contributor for Afrika Kontakt Denmark. I was also a contributing member of Amnesty International. I take care of many internally Displaced people and refugees in Cameroon. I have also launched a campaign in Denmark to collect used things (books, cloths, shoes, toys..etc. and money for those who want to) for those who fled to Nigerian as refugees.”