This article is from the Peace Conference 2016.

Contemporary Dance: “Inland”

Friday,  11:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 16:00 and beyond
“Solfangersalen” in Sun Catcher House
Host: Lena Strohmaier, choreographer and leader of the Berlin based Lis:sanga Dance Company will lead the DANCE WORKSHOP at the Peace Conference 2016.

This is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to participate in the creation of contemporary dance piece – with a strong message. No previous experience needed, you just need to be ready to move and mix. Some experienced dancers have already confirmed that they will attend the workshop, and their skills and experience will be used as a framework to make less experienced dancers feel comfortable.

More about the Lenah’s dance company: Lis:sanga

Lis:sanga represents not only contemporary dance of a very high artistic standard but is a rare example of what can be achieved by a community dance company under the direction of an experienced professional choreographer. Lis:sanga is noted not only for its high dance and choreographic quality but as an excellent example of integration between people of different abilities, ages, social, and cultural backgrounds.

Lenah Strohmaier uses her artistic vision and experience to give people a voice, on issues that concern them most, with choreography that is technically demanding, innovative, dynamic and at times breath-taking. She and Lis:sanga has for instance created ‘Passport’ is a thought provoking work, dealing with one of the major European issues of our time – the problems facing refugees and young unaccompanied asylum seekers. The dancers were both experienced dancers from the company, and young refugees without previous dance experience.

Outline of workshop:
Creating the perfomance “In-land” about entering Fortress Europe. We will develop a choreography based on the topics at the conference, and drawing on experiences with i.e. “Passport”. The whole Friday will be used to create the performance. The choreography will be performed Saturday evening at the Peace Conference.

The idea is also to create a flash mob which will be performed on the Sunday, 1st of May, at the Peace and Solidarity demonstration in Aarhus.

No previous dance experience required. Please bring comfortable training clothes and a water bottle – we will move a lot and have a lot of fun!

More about Lis:sanga