Storytelling & Clowning for Peace

Workshop by Sara Domingo

“Storytelling & Clowning for Peace”


Saturday 18 May 2024 · Afternoon · 2 hours




Join us for a fun and engaging two-hour workshop where we connect the dots between deep listening, consciousness, and compassion through the magic of storytelling and clowning.

  1. Clowning and Body Expression:
    Start with the basics – your body! Explore the joy of movement and play as we uncover the secrets of clowning. Dive into intuitive movement, body awareness, and physical expression to break barriers and build connections.
  2. Building Bridges with Storytelling:
    Discover the timeless tradition of storytelling as a tool to connect worlds, enhance cultural understanding, and spark creativity. Exercise your imagination muscles to find new solutions and perspectives.

Through creative storytelling, we’ll explore pathways for deep listening, fostering compassion and understanding in a shared space of creativity and community.

Come be a part of this workshop where we strengthen our connection to our bodies, cultivate empathy, and explore new ways of deep listening.

Let’s create a space filled with laughter, imagination, and understanding for a more peaceful world.






Sara Domingo

Sara Domingo

Members of Useful Art for Communities

Sara is a psykomotoric therapist and storyteller, blending storytelling with therapy. She’s creative and curious, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary