Ecopedagogy for a planetary citizenship

Workshop by Egle Simukenaite

TIME: Sunday at 09:30

VENUE: Music Room

(12 participants)



Ecopedagogy is a discourse, a movement and an approach to education that has emerged from leftist educators including Paulo Freire, Richard Kahn and others that seek to re-educate “planetary citizens” to care for, respect and take action for all life.

How can we, as citizens of the planet, participate in the creation of a world that we want, instead of simply observing how those who are profiting from extraction and exploitation create our world for us?

What does education look like that can encourage people to face what is happening, take responsibility for ourselves and work to create healthy, vibrant resilient communities that serve everyone, nobody excluded?

What kind of education is relevant today, given our current social and ecological crisis? How is traditional environmental education​ not ​relevant? These are some of the questions that are asked by eco-pedagogy, to which it attempts to respond.




In the workshop, we will explore the key principles of the eco-pedagogy movement. We will discuss how our relationship with Earth is also intimately connected to our struggles for cultural self-determination, environmental sustainability, social and material justice, and global peace. We will experiment and attempt to design a prototype of a sustainable society.

Egle Simukenaite

Egle Simukenaite

Teacher at DNS · The Necessary Teacher Training College