Cultivating Peace

Workshop hosted by Léo Mortury

Cultivating Peace

Friday afternoon · 17 May



Think of a place in the natural world, that is special to you. A common trait of humans is that we all hold a piece of nature dear to our hearts.

According to Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring,” we need to learn to appreciate nature in order to be able to protect it from destruction. If we were provided with the conditions and tools necessary to develop an understanding of our connection to the ecosystems we live in, could conflicts cease?

I am a final year DNS student specialising in Environmental Education, and as I explore the topic, I get convinced it is a precious tool for peace.

In invite you to reflect on nature’s role in upbringing and collaborate on ways to facilitate that bond, as educators, parents, or global citizens. Join us for introspection, sharing, and co-creation!



Léo Mortury

DNS 2020

I am a 4th year DNS student specialising in Environmental Education and Psychology. For my final year, I worked for 6 months as a teacher in training at a Waldorf school for students with heavy learning disabilities. I am currently writing my monograph about the effects of the learning environment on an individual’s learning processes, as well as on their identity construction.