This article is from the Peace Justice Conference 2017.

Facing the Dragon

Bo Richardt is a founder of Peace Watch of Copenhagen who have been standing in front of the Danish Parliament every day for 15½ years, since the US invasion on Afghanistan.

Discussion: 9/11: We must face the dragon itself, not only the fires he makes.

If powerful enough, the politicians can get away with lies; big lies. Especially, when it comes to war, the first victim is the truth. The backgroun of tragic attacks on World Trade Centre and Pentagon on the 11th of September 2001 is at least controversial, whether we look at them from the military or political points of view. Even pure physics doesn’t fit the official version of what happened.

During this discussion, we will examine what it means that millions of people believe that it was an inside job, while others find this too scary to realise. How invincible and unreachable can the powers of government be?

This view may undermine the efforts for peace and thus what does it all mean for the Peace Movement?
For Bo, 9/11 is the key to understand how cynical our leaders are. He invites you to debate how to reach a public consensus that peace shall prevail.

“Banegården” – the Administration Building

Maximum of 20 participants:
Sign up in the Sports Hall on Friday morning!