This article is from the Peace Justice Conference 2017.

Story telling: Fun in action for peace

Tom Vilmer Paamand is a chairman of the pacifists in Denmark in the organisation Aldrig Mere Krig – Danish section of War Resisters’ International.

Tom is educated as a journalist and has been doing civil disobedience, begging, shouting and playing for peace and other nice subjects since the 1970’s.

Come and get inspiration from all the good stuff in the past, and share, bring or create better ideas for future actions.

The best tool to create peace, is peace – and the best way to get positive attention, is to act positive. If we make fun of the mighty powers, they will shrink down to their real small size – and the world can be changed. We will find peaceful ways to do actions, full of joy and fun. And to get a better world, we must start living it – our actions should symbolise our goals.

Suncatcher Classroom

Maximun of 20 participants:
Sign up in the Sports Hall Friday morning!