Human Library of West Bank

Workshop by Ryma Merouani and her team from CICD


TIME: Saturday at 14:00

VENUE: Common Hall, DNS

In the Palestinian refugee camps, rooftop gardening has become an important tool for resisting the Israeli occupation.

(18 participants)



Eight Development Instructors from CICD have conducted field investigations in Palestine (West Bank) and Israel, as part of their training to become Development Instructors.



The overall objective of the workshop is to show and deliver the vast range of information about different fields of investigations made by eight Development Instructors in their time in Palestine (West Bank) and Israel.

The workshop will be handled by rotation of station. Each station is designed to build in the previous stations and cultivate increasing knowledge and skills in critical knowledge. Every station includes specific topics including daily life, water issues, health and sanitation, political media issues.




College of International Cooperation and Development

College of International Cooperation and Development

Poverty Activist Team

Structure of the 12 month Poverty Activist Programme

  • 5 months: Studies and actions at CICD
  • 6 months: Volunteering in Africa or India
  • 1 month:  Bringing It to the Public