Education Integration for Well-being

Presentation by Edit

“Education Integration for Well-being”


Saturday morning · 18 May 2024 · 1 hour



Discover the transformative power of education at this workshop where the participants can expect an engaging and insightful exploration of theories such as positive failure culture, positive pedagogy, and more.

Engage in interactive discussions and real-life examples from Finland to learn how these theories can promote peace, justice, and well-being in education. Highlighting educators’ pivotal role, the workshop aims to empower participants to foster peace, empathy, and social justice. Armed with practical strategies rooted in positive psychology and educational theory, attendees will learn to create inclusive, transformative learning environments for a more harmonious society.

Meet Edit, a seasoned educator and facilitator renowned for her holistic approach to education and personal growth. With nearly two decades of diverse experience spanning economics, project management, educational development, and NGO initiatives, Edit offers a unique perspective.