Introducing Kamal Ahamada

Kamal Ahamada has graduated as a teacher from DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College, and later graduated with MA in postcolonial and ethnic studies.

He currently works as a school teacher in London.He is the co-founder of the M.A.D Project, a cultural and educational initiative with the aim of empowering marginalised communities.


Key Note speech at the Peace Justice Conference

“Western racialist politics and the dehumanising of minorities in Europe”

My presentation looks at how Western’s construction of race is inscribed within modern wars on the Global South, and the way in which postcolonial migrants are dehumanised.

Overall, I argue that the success of colonial projects and contemporary ideologies such as the “ clash of civilisation” is sustained through the ideology of racialisation and domination of minority groups.

More about Kamal

Areas of interests: Postcolonial theories, arts and cultures, solidarity politics, transgenerational trauma, African and Middle-Eastern politics, Islamic theology of liberation, new technology of education, dance

Article published in Middle East Eye

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