Awaken your critical thinking

Workshop by Zala & Julie, DNS 2024

“Awaken your critical thinking”


Saturday morning · 18 May 2024 · 1 hourv



We often don’t even realize this but, nowadays we are bombarded with information from many different sources. Therefore it is essential for us as individuals to be selective. To be able to detach from the collective mind and not only create, but also to search for our own opinions and truths. Thus creating peace within ourselves which grants us a possibility to spread it into the world. We would like to invite you into space, where we will be building up our own opinions about a specific story that we shall propose to you.

Instead of teaching a specific idea, we shall challenge you to look at the story and characters from different points of view. The goal of this workshop is to engage into critical thinking through individual reflection and guided group discussions.

We will also approach critical thinking from a perspective of body language, meaning we will also do a bit of movement. Nothing too sporty though.



Zala and Julie

Zala and Julie

We are Zala and Julie, members of team ’24 in the DNS programme. We come from different backgrounds and countries. Zala is a dancer from Slovenia and in the past few years has been among other things active as a movement teacher for adults and summer camp facilitator for children. She is passionate about awakening awareness in others about any possible topic.

Julie is from France. She has many diverse volunteer experiences, mostly as a trainer for teenagers from all over the world. She loves to reflect, debate, and create with other people about any topic.