Peace Please: Developing Culture of Peace in Organisations

2023, 3rd session Saturday, Workshop

Stanislavs Babins

“Peace Please: Developing Culture of Peace in Organisations”

Duration: 1 hour

VENUE: Sport Hall


A card game that inspires discussion and action towards peace.

The game Peace Please introduces players to a Culture of Peace by letting them discuss challenges that can be experienced in an organisation (or during team work) and possible responses to them. By playing the game it becomes clear how one can put a Culture of Peace into practice with everyday actions in the work environment.
The driving idea behind the game is that more peaceful dynamics inside organisations will contribute to more peaceful dynamics in the world. Our organisations wanted to contribute to peace in the world, and noticed that internal group dynamics could be just as challenging as the ‘bigger world problems’. Therefore, we wanted to provide a tool for organisations that would help dealing with ‘external’ as well as ‘internal’’ social challenges. Improving dealing with challenges in the organisation, sometimes related to challenges in society as well, will increase the overall well-being of members in these organisations and enhance their capacity to contribute to society.



Latvian non-formal educator with 12 years experience with youth work, volunteers and activists.