Peace through Nature

Workshop by Alma Johansen from Nordfyns Højskole

TIME: Friday at 17:30

VENUE: Outdoors + in Art café

(20 participants)



The workshop is about using nature as an inspiration to describe and feel peace. The workshop will be around 1,5 hour, and it will be an activity where the participants go out to the outdoor areas around the school and find natural objects that they can use to make a picture of what peace means to them.

Then, there will be a discussion about how the symbols of nature can be used to put new words and meaning to our perception, and how the ecological crisis and social crisis is connected. Some of my students would also like to jam a little bit, if not at the workshop then maybe at another point.

Nordfyns Højskole

Nordfyns Højskole


“Our history starts with the Japanese Tadao Chiba who came to Denmark more than 50 years ago. Since then we have been an international folk high school inviting students from all over the world to study here. In the multicultural environment, students meet a variety of people, lifestyles, hopes and dreams for the future. All students strive for creating a better life in a better world.

Therefore we offer subjects and a learning community that will produce new ways of living personally and in the “global village”. Here you can learn with your heart, your brain, your hands and your body. This holistic learning is qualifying you for the future – you shape your future and “you will be the change”