Empowering Peaceful Coexistence

Workshop by Orsi

“Empowering Peaceful Coexistence”


Friday afternoon · 17 May 2024 · 1 hour



Dear participants, Welcome to our brainstorming workshop! Today, we’ll explore the vital link between education and fostering peaceful coexistence in our globalized world.

As conflicts and migration reshape European societies, schools play a pivotal role in providing new arrivals with an inclusive space promoting inter-cultural understanding and peace. In these challenging times, schools are important hubs both for education and inclusion, especially for migrant and refugee children.

Today, let’s explore how different countries are tackling these critical issues and share strategies and experiences. We’ll engage in an interactive activity where we divide into teams to explore six key topics ranging from global issues to the long-term impact of accepting attitudes towards refugees and migrants.

Together, we’ll endeavour to generate insights, share best practices, and envision pathways towards a more inclusive future. Let’s harness the transformative potential of education! Let the brainstorming begin!