Social Media Me

2019, Workshop

Workshop by Agnė Šivickytė and Ruslan Nugumanov

“Stuck in a Screen”

DATE, 90 minutes, PLACE

(max 20 participants)


The workshop is facilitated by Ruslan and Agnė from our college. Their team, DNS2018, is saving up funds to start the programme in the end of August.

By using forum theatre, we bring topics and discussions about nowadays massive social media problems: “dog-face” filter, judging a book by its cover, “liking” people, “swiping” each other. And, how these problems make it much harder to meet other people. During this workshop, we will put media values upside down, bring ideas how people can meet each other behind the screen and rethink again about which emoji to put in the description of your Instagram photo, so you will look #dope.

 Join in Ruslan and Agnė from DNS2018 for their #first_ever, #never_seen_before, #exclusive, #no_expectations_included workshop. Prepare you Instagrams and seat belts.