Here are the talks…

“The Russian Peace Threat & Other Global Perspectives”

Ron Ridenour

Ron Ridenour

Journalist, editor, author & translator

Born in the US Military Empire, Ron Ridenour rejected the American Dream in 1961, and has since acted as an anti-war, solidarity, and radical activist. He has lived in many countries and worked as a journalist-editor-author-translator for four decades, including for Cuba’s Editorial José Martí and Prensa Latina (1988-96).

His most recent book is “The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert”. Also books about Cuba plus “Yankee Sandinistas”, “Sounds of Venezuela”, and “Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”.

Movements in the USA

–  & why collective forces are needed for another world

Trine Wendelboe

Trine Wendelboe

Director for One World Center in Dowagiac, Michigan, USA.

A teacher since the age of 18, Trine has worked at the Seaman College in Nyborg, later in Boserup and now at One World Center in Dowagiac, USA.

I think knowledge and understanding about smaller and bigger issues in our lives and in the world are important preconditions for setting the direction for our actions leading to a better future for the planet and people.

“Humanity in Action in India”

Humana People to People in India

Ved Prakash Yadav

Ved Prakash Yadav

Director, Humana People to People India

Ved Prakash Yadav started his journey with Humana People to People India in 2000. Ved has vast experience in the developmental sector. He was part of initiating the HPPI Pre-Service Teacher Training Programme and is works with the organisation’s management of educational projects. His main focus is on strategising and implementing the Prarambh Program (4-year integrated teacher training programme)

Academic achievements: B.Sc. B.Ed.  B.A B.Ed. Ved holds dual Masters Degrees, one in Social works from IASE University and another in Master of education from IGNOU.

“Humana People to People”

– seen from a perspective of building peace

Jesper Wohlert

Jesper Wohlert

Director European Partnerships at Humana People to People

Jesper Wohlert is Director of European Partnerships in the Federation Humana People to People. He manages a team of 14 professionals from different countries working to support Sothern HPP members in their efforts to partner with European and multilateral donors and other actors in development.


After introducing the forum to the scope and type of activities which are carried out by the member organisations of Humana People to people, the presentation will analyse in which ways HPP programmes and projects address underlying causes of conflict and develop the capacity to address conflict. Both two approaches are recognized as part of peacebuilding.

“Youth in Action”

Bledion Vladi

Bledion Vladi


A student of Digital Business Management at Accadis Hochschule in Bad Homburg. Originally from Albania.

Besides his studies, he engages in diverse social activities, such as creating the platform “Wir lernen Deutsch” (We learn German) on Facebook with over 13.000 subscribers and organizing intercultural projects with MasterPeace Wiesbaden.

“Open Future”

There are two ways of moving forward:

1. Fighting what you don’t want (pushing yourself away where you don’t want to be) or
2. Moving towards a destination.

What is your choice? What is an Open Future and how can we be part of creating it?

An interactive discussion will be organized by Gert-Jan De Hoon from Voyage Beyond and Nadežda and Justas who are teachers at DNS

“Humanity in Action”

Introduction to the day (Saturday)

Gert Tjoelker

Gert Tjoelker

Teacher at DRH Lindersvold · Take 10 Volunteer programme


“You will survive”

– a European epos

Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard

Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard

At the age of 22, Aske set off from Denmark, heading south. On foot. He felt empty inside and decided to leave everything behind in search of something more meaningful. He ended up in “The Jungle” of Calais, the notorious refugee camp. The meeting with the children and youth in the camp – and the experiences he shares with them – teach him many lessons. He starts to understand the meaning of joy and despair for real.