Teachers for peace

1st session Saturday, 2023, Workshop

Pedro Matarausse

“Teachers for peace”

Duration: 1 hour

VENUE: Banegard


The DNS-Movement of Mozambique represented by Pedro Matarausse will do a presentation about the contributions of DNS-Schools for Peace and Justice.

The main points of our presentation will be:

  • Brief history about the situation of peace in Mozambique.(colonialism, civil war, insurgence and other challenges for peace and justice)
  • The challenges of the youth in Mozambique.
  • The contribution of DNS Movement for Peace and Justice through training of teachers for rural primary schools who work for a democratic and participatory school environment and also promote local development in the communities, promoting inclusive education, the 400 Primary Schools Movement, Cultural events as a way to spread information and create unity among all kinds of people.



Pedro Matarausse, 37 years old, is the headmaster of DNS in Nhamatanda since 2016. He studied in Nhamatanda in 2007 and has experience working in primary schools before being invited to join at teachers council of DNS.

The Nhamatanda is second DNS being created at Mozambique in 14 of August 1995. Its situated in center of the country.