The Decolonial Mindset

Presentation by Kamal Ahamada

“The Decolonial Mindset”


Saturday morning · 18 May 2024 · 1 hour

“We are not told, we tell.”



From Europe to South America, a phenomenon known as ‘epistemic awakening’ is emerging, advocating for and implementing new forms of knowledge rooted in local histories and experiences. In other words, many minority groups in Europe and Third World countries refuse to simply accept what they are told.

This presentation will explore how educational initiatives from various parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, and South America, are actively engaged in decolonizing Western knowledge as a crucial step toward imagining and constructing a more democratic educational system.

I will delve into the meaning of decolonial thinking and how it empowers individuals to break free from oppressive educational structures.



Kamal Ahamada

Kamal Ahamada

Independent educator, lecturer & diversity trainer


Kamal Ahamada graduated from DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College in 2009, and later graduated with a MA in postcolonial and ethnic studies.

Kamal has worked in London as a teacher and on projects empowering marginalised communities. He currently lives and works in Vilnius.

Kamal was a keynote speaker at the Peace Justice Conference in 2018 and has contributed to several workshops focusing on racism, diversity and the necessity of decolonising education and beyond