Water (In)Justice

Workshop by Antonia and Anne

“Water (In)Justice”

– A case study from southern Morocco


Friday afternoon · 17 May 2024 · 1 hour



In this transformative workshop, our mission is to illuminate the urgent cause of water justice on a global scale. Together, we embark on a journey to delve deep into the heart of this pressing issue, drawing from the power of our collective experiences and insights.

Our path leads us to the sun-kissed landscapes of southern Morocco, where communities grapple with the relentless challenges of water scarcity. Through firsthand accounts and immersive storytelling, we’ll unveil the resilience and determination of those facing these hardships head-on. We’ll share stories from Morocco that show how climate impacts real lives, and we’ll show how it’s connected to us. Join us as we learn, connect, and find ways to make a difference.



Abushek, Dajeong, Anne and Antonia

Participants in the Food th Heal programme

On their study trip to Morocco the Food to Heal team investigated the reality of the people living in rural Morocco and learned about their situation. 

Study trips are an excellent way to “Teach for Peace” because it’s all about meeting “the Other”, discovering that people are … just people… regardless of their culture. Learning about the reality of other peoples creates an understanding that truly fosters peace.