Peace Justice Conference 2024

“Teaching for Peace”

The Peace Justice Conference 2024, “Teaching for Peace”, will take place during 3 days, from the 17th to the 19th of May. The weekend will be filled with workshops, speeches, discussions, music and art. The programme will be updated closer to the date, however you can take a look to last year’s programme for a glimpse of what it could look like

Why is it necessary to celebrate such an event? In today’s climate of self interest, division, despair and war, bringing people together to talk about Peace Justice is an act of bravery. We aim to create a space to share our fears and concerns, hear about the solutions and build up on our hopes and dreams, learning from each other and generating action, starting from our own expertise as an educational institution, teaching.

Then, is the Peace Justice Conference 2024 dedicated specifically to teachers? Well, if your definition of a teacher is a person who gives lessons in front of a classroom then no, it is not just for teachers. We believe that a teacher is that person who is willing to share what they know with others as well as to dedicate the time to learn together something that interests them both. In that way, if you are a nurse, a primary school teacher, a youth worker, a factory employee or a bartender, it does not matter, this conference is for you.

Do you want to participate? Sign up here! We will update you about the programme as it builds up!

Do you want to help us to make this event possible? If you are interested in helping us to set up the event or you want to lead a workshop or perform, you can read more about how to be part of the team here.