This article is from the Peace Conference 2016.

Art: Generating Ideas

Time: Friday, 11:00 – 13:00

Where: Conference Hall

Presenter / Host
: Jolita Vaitkutė
Jolita Vaitkutė from Lithuania – designer and artist, generating and implementing extraordinary ideas. She is mostly known for creating art using food or other material – different size of pencils, paper sheets and other. She also calls herself media artist.

Jolita is a creator who thinks she has a mission to inspire others. For this reason often talks about creativity and how it can be found in each person. She represents herself mostly by installations and commercials or ideas for it.

Jolita gets inspiration from daily experiences and small casual details which are important to recognize. Her artwork spreads different messages, mostly representing current issues.

Jolita likes to use many different kinds of materials for her projects, and figures out how to make it possible to use them.

Some of her latest projects have been made from food and in this way the movement ‘Eat More Art’ began.

Workshop outline:
Jolita will talk about how to inspire and get inspired. How to get and develop ideas.
She will talk about creativity and how ideas can go on the paper, also by brainstorming.

Creating and art installation:
During the Peace Conference event Jolita will create a piece of art in the conference hall itself, using natural materials.

The title of the artwork is “Afghan girl”.