Challenging the West: BRICS

Workshop hosted by Justas Volungevicius

Challening the West: BRICS

BRICS – a threat to the Western narrative?


Friday afternoon · 17 May 2024 · 1 hourv



In this workshop, I will give a brief introduction about BRICS, which is an intergovernmental organizations consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that have an aim to promote peace, security, development and cooperation through economic collaboration.

From a Western perspective, BRICS is seen to be a rival to the current countries in power (G7) and a threat to US America’s wish for global order. This might be the reason why we know so little about this relatively new collaboration.

As educators, we should be aware of and curious of what is happening beyond the Western narrative media coverage to understand what is happening in our countries, in Europe and the World at large – to get a better understanding of what direction we need to go in, to secure a more peaceful and better world.

This workshop is for those who know little or nothing at all about the topic. We will discuss:
The relevance of BRICS and why we should know and discuss more about it.
In which way BRICS is different from current world order models.
BRICS expansion since January 2024 and its implications.

Justas Volungevicious

DNS graduate and head of the DNS communication team

Hello, I am Justas from the DNS communication team, graduate of the programme and a person interested in geo-politics and power structures in the world.