Meeting “The Poor”

Workshop hosted by Piotr Działak

Meeting “The Poor”



Saturday morning · 18 May 2024 · 1 hour



You are going to be provoked by this workshop. Your empathy will be tested.

When are ‘the Poor’ really Poor?
Whose is the welfare the migrants are after?
Do the people in the Global South know little about the world?
Are Europeans walking wallets? Who is the drunkest?
And why does suddenly everybody want to have a smartphone?

Challenge yourselves and take a stand towards the impossible.

(You are allowed to be angry at the facilitator during and after the workshop.)

Piotr Działak

Piotr Działak

DNS graduate, writer, teacher, activist

Piotr Działak is a writer, teacher and activist in Vestyjlland, Denmark. His blog will be coming up soon on