Students at DNS, the Necessary Teacher Training College

“Open your eyes”

Duration: 1 hour

VENUE: Big Classroom


Have you ever experienced, or lived in a new culture? 

Looked into it in depth, being aware and understanding of it without judgments?

We live in a multicultural world that is full of diversity, religions, languages, traditions and so much more that our eyes can’t see it all. Yet, curiosity and the desire to discover, learn something new can lead us to ways we could never imagine. 

  • This is an experiential workshop that is going to take you on a journey to raise awareness, experience, discuss topics related to multicultural environment, judgment and stereotypes we all live in and hold onto.
    What you can expect and we expect too:
    The experience is going to move you.
  • We want to hear everyone’s voice, because it matters what you think, feel and experience. We give value to your opinions.
  • Interesting discussions, something new that you learn and can take away with you.

Do not judge the book by its cover!
We welcome you to Open your eyes, uncover something new with us.