Re-think urban area

2023, 2nd session Friday, Workshop

Sarah Delangre

“Re-think urban area”

Duration: 1 hour

VENUE: Big Classroom


Today 50 % of the world population live in cities. In 2050, it is estimated to be between 70and 75% of the world population living in cities.Those are places that gather very different people, with their stories, background, habits. Today, we have a tendency to live an individualist lifestyle, separate from each other other, from our families, from the ones we consider as different than us. We divide ourself to stick to our own comfort. But we can also choose to live together and help each other, as cities are places that offer so many opportunities.

In this workshop we will look at how we live in cities today and how it affected the environment,and how it is related to the current ecological crisis. We will then dare to dream to look at how could we live together in cities…


Image retributed to luc Schuiten