The Mask

2018, Friday, Workshop

Workshop by by Koen Verbruggen

“The Mask”

Saturday, 90 minutes, PLACE

(max 30 participants)



The mask is a symbol of how we present and behave ourselves in a group.  This workshop is a reflective process to better understand ourselves and why we present ourselves to others in a certain way. It’s a journey inward, followed by sharing in pairs, discovering about group interactions.

In order to face our daunting task to make the world a better place, not only ‘product’ but also process and people matter. It’s therefore important to understand and empathise each other’s values and self-actualisation.



Koen Verbruggen is an activist, a trainer and a techie. For almost 15 years, he has been involved with participation and social movements of diverse kinds. In recent years, his focus has been keenly on well-being of people and groups, specifically those who are working as change makers.

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