Here are the workshops and performances…


… that have been announced so far. The Peace Justice Committee is working on finalising the programme, so as soon as a workshop has been confirmed, it is posted here.

Please be aware that this is a preliminary programme, which is subject to change.

Effective Dialogue & Listening

In this workshop we sill focus on the fine art of listening, which is a much underrated skill to have. Together, we will explore our ability to listen through some interesting exercises and experiments.

Manufacturing narratives

The workshop will examine concrete examples unravel many of the most common techniques and methods used by the media to manufacture narratives that fit into a certain agenda.

Why are we here?

Kristine & Bledion of MasterPeace Wiesbaden organises intercultural activities with migrants and local people. The main goal is to bring people together through dialogue.

Social Media Me

By using forum theatre, we bring topics and discussions about massive social media problems: “dog-face” filters, judging a book by its cover, “liking” people, “swiping” each other.