What’s going on in Venezuela?

Workshop by Niels Mathiesen


TIME: Saturday at 14:00

VENUE: North Wing, DNS

(max 20 participants

What is the Bolivarian Revolution, or “Chavismo”? What is happening in Venezuela and why?



Niels will talk about his years in Venezuela, where he lived when Hugo Chávez entered the political scene the first time.

What is the Bolivarian revolution and the reforms of Hugo Chávez and how the Venezuelan nation challenged the imperialism of the USA. What went wrong? Is there are a crisis? And how can we get accurate information about what is going in Venezuela?


Niels Matthiesen

Niels Matthiesen


Niels Matthiessen lived and worked in Venezuela from Nov 1991 to June 2000.
In this period he was a farmer growing citrus and rearing poultry in the eastern state of Monagas.
He has travelled around in parts of the country as part of his work and in this way interacted with many people.

By profession as a teacher he has worked in the public school system in Denmark, started up and run a boarding school in Zimbabwe, worked with Humana People to People in South Africa and is now teaching at a special school in Denmark.