We are all immigrants

2018, Saturday, Workshop

Workshop by Barbora Kučerová

“We are all immigrants”

Saturday, the 12th of May, 180 minutes

(max 20 participants)



Where are you coming from?

What is your heritage?

Do you know, how it is to live in a foreign country?

What are the reasons for leaving your home?

What are our differences?

And what connects us all?

 Let’s try to find some answers…

Keywords: social difference, social status, racism, xenophobia, prejudices, foreigner, migration



Barbora Kučerová is a social pedagogue and drama teacher from Czech Republic. Nowadays, living in Odense.

She has experience with alternative teaching methods including Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), which is a drama technique founded by a Brazilian theatre practitioner, drama theorist and political activist, Augusto Boal. She studied TO at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic and by participating in various international workshops with Barbara Santos, Roberto Mazzini, Fedra Tramujas and María Sànchez.

In the past five years, she has been working with, amongst many: gender equality, youth and puberty, LGBT – coming out and migration.


Barbora Kučerová

Barbora Kučerová

social pedagogue and drama teacher